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We love automobile dials, and when we came across this hot mess of a watch we were more than excited to get our hands on it.  A long time ago when large companies had some interest in their employees you would recieve a very nice reward for hard work.  For automobile salesmen, it was usually a very nice wristwatch with the companies logo on the dial and a memorable engraving on the back.  Although it appears quite worn, you can still read out: 


"Awarded for October 1931Selling Record - H. KLINGER"



Have to give this guy some credit, he was selling chevrolets in the heart of the great depression. Tough feat when people can barely put food on their tables let alone spend what was the equivalent of a years income on a brand new chevorlet.  



This was was 100% restored to running condition. The case, dial, movement, hands are all original.  TI runs wonderfully and has a very bi-gone look with its art-deco appearance.  


1930 Waltham "Chevrolet Salesmen's Watch"

$1,300.00 Regular Price
$800.00Sale Price
  • Year: 1930

    Jewels: 7

    Size: 0/s

    Diameter: 30mm side to side/up down

    Case: Star watch case company, nickel plated case

    Production Run: unknown

    Style: Presentation Watch

    Dial: Metal with Chevrolet logo

    Numbers: Arabic 

    Condition: 100% Restored

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