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The War To End All Wars

the watches featured in this collection have taken Many years and hundreds of hours to restore, research, to bring bring back to operating condition.  Every watch in this collection has been a part of our personal collection for almost 5 years.  


With the centennial of Americas entrance into the First world war passing by this past year, we have decided to release Original watches that were there at this time in our countries history.  Additionally, we have added a few others that have stories worth sharing.  



Original Trench Watches

Jazz Era Watches

The war was over, the hun was vanquished, and Americans wanted nothing more to do with the horrific conflict that had terrorized them the decade before.  Booze, fast cars, and a New music called "Jazz" was flooding the roaring twenties.  Along with many other innovations that were carried over from wartime, the wristwatch was brought home as a war hero with the hundreds of thousands of boys back from the front.  These new wristwatches were no longer delicate timepieces, but becoming works of art with the fledgling art-deco era.  These are some of the wonderful time pieces at the height of the golden age of watchmaking.

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