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Early Rolexes have a very colorful and bumpy history.  From their early days as the fledgling Wilsdorf Davis small watch manufacutrer to every watch enthusiasts and collects dream of today, Rolex has become a household name.  If you turned the clock back 100 years ago, you would have most likely never had heard the name.  Early Rolexes in particular were made alongside many other watch movements in Switzerland to be outfitted with the companies hallmark in the mid-twenties just like ETA does today with modern watches.  

To think that this would devalue or discredit these early watches would be a mistake.  Since it wasnt a very well known company this was very common with many early comnpanies but just means that a reliable and well-tested engine was put inside of the watch.  


These military pockets were made in the exact same fashion.  The demand in the early years of the Second World War was so great, Rolex needed help with keeping up with demand.  This particular model was made by Landeron, Helevecta, or the Rolex Factory and pushed into service.  A G.S.T.P would be stamped onto the watch when it was comission into service meaning (General Service Time Piece) and they quickly became the standard for all branches. But like their predecessors in the First World War, after conflict they were cast aside or destroyed after no working since their value was not realised.  


This particular piece has a few interesting charachteristics to it.  The most obvious being that the watch appears never comissioned on the back.  So what we have here is a watch frozen in time, ready to be put into service so to speak.  


Some of these exist on the internet and other places, but this one has an immaculate dial, hands, and case.  All together what you have here is a pristine piece left alone for a very long time.  


PLEASE NOTE:  The two we currently have in stock are for comission purchase only.  Please contact us before you purchase for more information.  

"The Tigers Smile" WW2 Military Rolex

  • Estimated Year: 1940-44

    Jewels: 15

    Size: 16

    Case Diameter: 1 3/4 inches

    Case: Rolex Watch Company Nickel Chromium Case

    Production Run: Unknown

    Style: Military

    Dial: Black Baked Porcelain

    Numbers: Arabic

    Condition: All original, running with accurate time, dial in pristine condition

    Dial Diameter: 43mm

    Hands: Skeleton Radium Hands

    Movement: Nickel Finish 

    Featured Strap: 20mm DBWC custom made calf belly aviator strap

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