This is one very reliable Omega, with a nice look:


This was an overseas purchase straight from the land down under.  8,700 miles later this beautiful turn-key Omega showed up at our doorstep.  It was dismantled, cleaned, and there was absolutely nothing that needed to be done to it.  The watch on the inside looks like someone just put it away and forgot about it for 80+ years.  Runs and looks great with an immaculate dial and hands, this watch is a sure winner.  

"Tempest" 1930 Omega

  • Year: 1930

    Jewels: 15

    Size: 16

    Diameter: 2 and 1 1/2 inches

    Case: Omega Nickel Plated Case

    Production Run: Unknown

    Style: Dress

    Dial: Porcelain

    Numbers: Arabic

    Condition: Watch has been restored to full running condition +/- 1-2 minutes.  

    Diameter: 55 mm from side to side

    Hands: Spade Style 

    Movement: Gilt Finish, 15 Jewels

    Strap: 20mm DBWC Custom Aviator Strap in Buffalo Brown with Red Stitching