The last time I found dials with coloring was a few years ago, and when you get one with a cool story its even harder to find.  This is one such watch.  


This watch came from the outskirts of Hershey Pennsylvania and so the story goes belonged to a local minister in the area.  Given the higher price that this one would have fetched way back, plus having one very nice movement inside I think its safe to say this was one very well off preacher.  My contact didn't have a name for the holy fellow, but given its appearance I couldnt resist even though this watch needed some tlc.  The nice thing about a watch like this is that its unique and most likely one of very few examples that still exist operating.  The bad part about a watch like this is that parts are non-existant.  I had one of my professionals do this one over with no expense spared.  The balance staff was long broken in this watch, so he spent about 3 months making one from scratch.  A costly thing to do for such a watch but well worth it in the end.  For something as one of kind as this, well lets just say i wore it out the other night and it sure did catch a lot of attention.  


I have very little information on this brand.  the case,  just about anything on it.  I will say its a watch that was well put together and the little bastard keeps great time.  If your looking for something to turn a whole bunch of heads or be the envy of any little watch pow wow this little guy is for you.  

"Preacher" Turn of the Century Elliott and Strand

  • Estimated Year: Unknown, most likely turn of the century

    Jewels: 15

    Size: 10

    Diameter: 1 and 3/4 inches from side to side of case not including crown and button.  

    Case: Gunmetal with gold tone bezel

    Production run for year:  unknown

    Style: Dress

    Dial: Green Porcelain

    Numbers: Roman

    Condition: Watch has been restored to full running condition +/- 1-2 minutes.  Great Running Condition

    Diameter: 38mm

    Movement: Polished Nickel Finish

    Strap: 20mm DBWC Buffalo Brown Aviator Strap with Doughboy Red Stitching