In terms of technology from the 1920's, this was the equivalent to your basic smartphone of the day.  This standard Elgin pocket watch was powered by the companies legendary model seven movement design.  Its a standard seven jewel movement, again no frills but man was this thing reliable.  I have seen hundreds of these movements in all varying degrees of condition, but if the balance is true it doesnt matter how much dirt is inside this watch will run!  Not to knock it for its standard look, this watch has a very clean porcelain dial and a classic nickel case.  


This one was picked up in a lot with a few other watches and in my opinion you can never turn one down due to its reliablilty factor.  It keeps time, looks nice, and will keep running until it wears it self out by the next millennnia...

"Old Reliable" 1920 Elgin

  • Year released: 1920

    Jewels: 7

    Size: 16s

    Diameter: 1 and 7/8 inches from side to side of case not including crown and button.  

    Case: Illinois Nickel Plated Case

    Production run for year:  13,000 Movements

    Style: Dress

    Dial: Porcelain

    Numbers: Arabic

    Condition: Watch has been restored to full running condition +/- 1-2 minutes.  Great Running Condition

    Diameter: 46mm

    Movement:Nickel Finish

    Strap: 20mm DBWC hand made aviator strap with red stitching