Reliability with a weathered look that only time can create:


This wartime production Omega is a real treat to wear on one's wrist.  The watch has a great appearance to it with a dial that has aged gracefully over the years while still keeping its accuracy inside. Everything on this watch appears to be original as the same way it came out of the factory almost 80 years ago.  

"Fire Watch" 1945 Omega

  • Year: 1944

    Jewels: 15

    Size: 14

    Diameter: 47mm

    Case: Omega nickel plated case with ornate back

    Production Run: Unknown

    Style: Dress

    Dial: Metal with signs of age/patina

    Numbers: Arabic

    Condition: Watch has been restored to full running condition +/- 1-2 minutes.  

    Hands: Brequet

    Movement: Nickel finish, 15 Jewels

    Featured Strap: 20mm Black Leather Nato Strap