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A wonderful example of the standard timekeeping device from the early 20th century...


This watch showed up as an all inclusive package to me while visiting a contact in southeastern Pennsylvania.  They made quite a few of these watches in the golden age of watchmaking.  Reliable and utilitarian, this beautiful 88 year old has a dial that only time itself can weather and age.  Still keeping true to its original purpose, this watch is an attractive timekeeper for someone looking for a well crafted watch.



"Acasta" 1932 Waltham

  • Year released: 1932

    Jewels: 7

    Size: 12

    Diameter: 1 and 1/2 inches from side to side of case not including crown and button.  

    Case: Nickel Plated 

    Production run for year:  5,000 Movements

    Style: Deco

    Dial: Metal

    Numbers: Arabic

    Condition: Watch has been restored to full running condition +/- 1-2 minutes.  Great Running Condition

    Diameter: 40mm

    Movement: Nickel Finish

    Featured Strap: 20mm Brown Leather Nato Strap 

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