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This watch was found in a farmers market in the hot July sun.  I had been keeping an eye on it for some time when I finally couldn't stop thinking about it and needed to own it.


This has always been one of the greatest watches I have ever come across for a number of reasons.  The most obvious is whats on the back of this watch.  Looks like Otto recieved this watch right before the big crash happened, because I am sure they didnt hand watches out like this after it. 


This Gruen most likely had a lighter shade dial when it was created, but time and patina have given it a highly sought after look now.  Additionally this watch still has its original luminescant numerals, hands, and original crystal.  Its a miricale it has survived this long.  A lot of watches like this were sold off for scrap since their metals were worth more in money than the actual watch.  


Like the other Gruen available it had a lot more going for it than its outward appearance:


This one comes right smack dab in the high point of Gruen's lifespan. The watch screams art deco in its highest level and aside from whats on the outside, this watch has even more to offer under the hood.  


Like most companies back then producing watches, movements were purchased from Europe and hallmarked with the companies name on the movement after being completed.  These little Gruens were manufactured alongside another small production company at the time: Rolex.  Beautiful with the designs of the company on the outside and powered by a movement fit for a Rolex.  These are some truly remarkable watches.  


This watch has been professionally restored, timed, and is about as good new as it was in 28.  Ready to be worn and appreciated by its next steward.  





1929 Gruen Wristwatch

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$800.00Sale Price
  • Year: 1929

    Jewels: 15

    Size: 0/S

    Diameter: 1/2 inch

    Case: Gruen Watch Guild 14 Karat Gold Filled Case

    Production Run: Unknown

    Style: Art Deco

    Dial: Brushed Metal

    Numbers: Arabic

    Condition: Excellent

    Diameter: 20mm

    Hands: Luminescant Spade Style 

    Movement: Nickel Finish

    Strap Size: 16mm

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