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Here we see a very strange fork in watch evolution that never took off...


America entered the first World War near its close, and they quickly realized the army they possesed was a relic of the last century.  Amongst a variety of other problems they were facing, issuing their soldiers with the newely invented wristwatch was something that was not a standard issue item.  This my friends, is the an original American ancestor to every future wristwatch ever made...


The black star dial watch was something that was not sold by the government. It was an item that was given the nod of approval by the ordinance department and left to its own devices in the early years.  These watches could be purchased at post offices or on bases as a private purchase. Like its counterpart on this website, it carries the same charachteristics with one very strange twist, its case.  You see a lot of wire watches like this of the time period.  Most companies still didnt have a set configuration for the watch to sit in, this is one of them.  Doing additional research, I learned that it was popular to wear the watch on the inside of the wrist, doing so I found this watch to be very comfortable to wear for its size, and a lot of fun.  


The other bizzare part about this watch is the wire is soldered on to the bezel, which you can see in an image I put up.  Usually its soldered into the case frame but like everything else about this strange watch it just makes sense.  


Very nice little black star dial with an interesteing case will lead you to a lot of enjoyment wearing it.  I highly reccomend it.  

1918 Elgin U.S Army Black Star Dial Trenchwatch

  • Year: 1918

    Jewels: 7

    Size: 0/S

    Diameter: 1 inch

    Case: Nickel Plated case

    Production Run: 5,000

    Style: Military 

    Dial: "Black Star" Porcelain Dial

    Numbers: Arabic

    Condition: Excellent

    Diameter: 30mm

    Hands: Spade Style 

    Movement: Nickel Finish

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