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If this watch could talk, the stories it could tell...


Here you have a prime example of what the fledgling wristwatch market was forming into.  A very simple and functional timepiece that pushed the limits for its durability.  The movement is simple yet reliable, the case is nothing special but functional, and the dial... well the dial tells everything about this watch.  It has weather wear, pitting, patina, this thing was not tucked away in a box for later, this watch got some miles.  The best part is that its got another 100,000 left in it.  This little guy is reliable and has a look that you cant reproduce.  The only change to this watch other than it being picked up out of a scrap heap was the radium hands.  They were rusting away, the crystal had long dissappeared on this guy, but looking at some old publications we were able to produce an exact original stock match to what it would have had.  


Ive worn this one a lot since I got it back, and though it looks delicate its far from it.  This is a great watch to wear and an even better one to talk about.  

1917 Waltham Trench Watch

$800.00 Regular Price
$650.00Sale Price
  • Year: 1917

    Jewels: 7

    Size: 0/S

    Diameter: 1 and 1/4 inch

    Case: Philadelphia Watch Case Co Nickel Silverode case

    Production Run: 3,000

    Style: Military

    Dial: Worn Metal

    Numbers: Arabic 

    Condition: Excellent

    Diameter: 32mm

    Hands: Luminescant Spade Style 

    Movement: Nickel Finish

    Wire Lug Width for Strap:  10mm

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