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Custom Leather

For your custom Trench Watch


All Doughboy straps are made in-house, using 100% all natural leather cowhide.  The cowhide that we use goes through a long process to come out the way we want you to have it.  Our process begins by oiling our leather. We spend days adding on multiple layers of oil to get that perfect finish for your watch.  We want the leather to look perfect so that as it ages, it will continue to look at its finest. After we acquire the right look, we continue the process with joining the leather facing on the front side being joined with the leather that will go up against your wrist.  We have to wait a few days to let the leathers cure together in order to create a lasting bond that will hold up to the rigors of everyday use.  Once joined the leather is measured and cut down by hand, and burnished using a method that can't get any more old fashioned: heating up a piece of plate steel and burning all of the edges by our own hands.  We could use more modern and faster methods but Doughboys are made the old school way.  We're talking hands on, in the trench, no machines old school made...  





At this point the blanks are cut out to their signature look that only comes on a Doughboy trench watch: the cuff strap.  


We don't stop the hands on approach here, we just keep it going.  The leather blanks are hand stamped using iron forged leather tools made right here in the U.S.A.  Once we have everything ready to be put together, the final process of sewing the pieces that needed are done by our own hands.  


This results in one incredible little touch that transforms your watch into the only one of its kind.  Think of it like the frame around a priceless piece or art, you wouldn't want just any old machine made strap holding together your watch so why not?

Our straps can be made to fit your wrist so don't be concerned about if it will fit or not, because we're making it for you.  If you have a smaller or larger wrist, or just want to make conversation with us send us a message and we will be more than happy to help.   The cuff on our bands measures 2 inches across and is 5 inches long.  However, you can wear it without its cuff with no problem.  All you need is a flat bladed screwdriver, remove the bolt, and your good to go.  Simple, easy, and two different looks for your custom, handmade watch.  

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